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Items 501-600, or our geological legacy.

A death of a thousand cuts,
or 500 million plastic straws.
A day.
In the USA.

Searching for intelligent life,
they’ll find a strange stratum:
architects of our own extinction,
no meteor in sight.

It really pains me to declutter plastic from our home. All of it will eventually become trash, as even the small amount of consumer plastic that is recycled is only usable for a limited number of cycles. Even those who think that climate change doesn’t exist can’t deny that resources are limited and will ultimately be used up. And yet, we consume and discard materials with abandon. 

Plastic is pervasive, it fills our landfills and oceans. I can’t stop thinking about how someday, long after Homo sapiens goes the way of the dinosaurs, our species’ lasting legacy will be plastic. 

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