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45 minutes a day
each way
to trade my minutes and hours
for pay

dollars to send
money to spend
and live the American way

My husband and I used to drive 45 minutes each way to work every day. He’s an engineer and a whiz with spreadsheets. We sat down one day and figured out what this commute cost us. In two small, fuel efficient cars we spent over $12,000 a year driving to work. More incredibly, it represented a combined 666 hours a year, or 28 entire days worth of time we could have been spending in a hundred more enjoyable or productive ways. Like, sleeping. Learning to play the violin. Writing a blog, perhaps?

We downsized our jobs in May 2017, and were able to consolidate our vehicles as well. A used van and a bicycle are all we need to get where we’re going. Camping. Exploring. Building. And yes, working. But this time it’s on our own terms.