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Items 301-400 or who needs a commemorative plate for a baby?

…but seriously, who needs a commemorative plate for a baby?

those memories lock muscle deep,
torn sinew deep,
in the tear ducts and the milk ducts

When was she born?
at the strike of bone deep exhaustion
and knowing,
into lavender and love

Where was she born?
poured from this body,
born big enough and long enough
to take up space in a world of her creation

Babies. We buy things to prepare for them. We buy things to celebrate them. We bring things with us to birth them, and leave with even more things to care for them.

I find these items to be some of the more difficult ones to discard. They came at such a tender time, and releasing them seems, for a moment, to amplify how quickly time slips away.

The commemorative plate the hospital sent was really hard to let go. The cloth diapering supplies? Not so much.